Product Architecture

Alex Gryson, das Krafter

Once an idea or product needs more than one person to be completed, orchestration and planning become vital to success.

With a decade of experience in aligning commercial requirements and technical feasability to product vision you can rest assured that with das Krafter your vision won't get lost in translation.

Particularly versed in Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing thanks to a decade of specialisation in the domain, das Krafter can also help you leverage this technology in your organisation.


Leverage a decade of experience in User Experience, Product Management, Methodologies and Protoyping

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Not just pushing pixels: receive delieverables that are polyvalent and strategically aligned with your product

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Increase your organization's autonomy with topics ranging from Product Ownership or SEO to English

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  • Strategic Planning & Scoping
  • Protoyping & 3D Printing
  • Product Management
  • Growth Hacking & Commercial Growth

At das Krafter you can rest easy knowing that there is someone who is living and breathing your product vision who can output a workable plan of action out of all the noise.

More than a freelancer - an objective and honest companion who will give your product their all.


  • Wireframes and Functional Prototypes
  • Branding, Content and Style guidelines
  • Web, Print & Graphic Design
  • Presentations & Digital assets
  • 3D Design & Printing

Focused on deliverables that are polyvalent and applicable to multiple use-cases.

Your organization will be able to use the same deliverables for dev, marketing and executive teams so you can be certain everyone has the same understanding.


  • User Experience Tools & Techniques
  • Product Ownership for small teams
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Professional English
  • 3D Printing and early prototyping

das Krafter offers a variety of workshops and training sessions focused on what small product teams need to increase productivity, innovation and effectiveness.

(All sessions can be offered in English, French or both!)

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