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Privacy Policy

Note Being resident in France, the French language version of this document takes precedence in case of conflict

Definitions :

Publisher: The person or entity who provides the "Site" (me, Alex Gryson)

Site: All of the publicly accessible sites and pages provided online by the "Publisher" (anything under the domain)

User: The person using the site and services (probably you)

Article 1

Nature of collected data

§1 In the context of using the Site the Publisher may collect the following types of data:

Article 2

Communication of personal data to third parties

§1 No communication of personal data with third parties Your data are not subject to any explicit communication to any third parties. You are nonetheless notified that they may be provided in respect of laws, regulations or in respect to a formal request from a regulatory or judicial authority.

Article 3

Prior notification for the communication of personal data in the case of merger or acquisition

§1 Prior opt-in consent is collected before any data sharing as a result of merger or acquisition In the event that the Publisher should be acquired, be party to a merger or in any other way cease activity, they commit to obtaining prior consent before any transmission or sharing of personal data and to maintain a level of confidentiality for your personal data equivalent to that which you have consented to.

Article 4

Purposes for reuse of collected personal data

§1 Actions relative to managing client relations

§2 Commercial activities

Article 5

Aggregate data

§1 Aggregating data with non-personal data The Publisher may publish, share or use aggregate data (information relating to all Users, or groups or categories of Users that we anonymize in such a way as to render individuals unidentifiable) and non-personal data for the urposes of market analysis, demographic analysis, promotional or advertising and their marketing activities.

§2 Aggregating with personal data collected from the User's social media accounts
If you cross data with a social network such as to share content, the target service may send the Publisher profile information, connection information as well as other data you have authorized them to share. The Publisher may aggregate such data relative to all other Users, groups, accounts and personal data available of the User.

Article 6

Collection of identifying data

§1 Open access site
Simply consulting the site requires no login or identification ahead of time. You do not need to share any identifying information (name, address, etc.). The Publisher does not save any such nominative data for standard visitors.

Article 7

Collection of technical data

§1 Collection of technical data to provide improved service
Certain technical data are collected from your device by the Site. These data include your IP, internet provider, configuration data, navigator type and language... These data are required to provide the site.

§2 Collection of technical data for advertising, sales and statistics Techncal data from your device is automatically collected and saved by the Site for advertising, sales and statistical purposes. These data are used to personalize and improve your experience on the Site. No nominative data is collected (name, address, ...) or stored.

Article 8


§1 Duration of cookies
In line with CNIL recommendations, no cookie is stored for longer than 13 months from its first creation and cookies are not automatically refreshed. This applies equally to the User's consent validity of 13 months. Consequently, the User's permission must be requested again after this time.

§2 Purpose of cookies
Cookies may be used for statistical purposes, for example to improve the content provided to the User, based on information such as frequency of access, personalisation of the content as well as actions taken or content viewed. The Publisher may place cookies on your device to assist in this across visits.

§3 Right of refusal of cookies
Knowing that the Publisher may add cookies on your device, if you prefer not to have cookies placed, your navigator should have settings to control this behaviour.

Article 9

Conservation of technical data

§1 Conservation period for technical data
Technical data is conerved for the minimum time necessary to meet the needs stated above.

Article 10

Conservation period for personal data and anonymization

§1 Data conservation during a contractual relationship
In accordance with article 6-5° of law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 (French jurisdiction) concerning IT, files and freedoms, data of a personal nature that must be handled are not stored for logner than is strictly necessary for respecting the contractual obligations or the periods defined therein.

§2 Conservation of anonymized data beyond a contractual relationship
The Publisher conserves personal data for the time necessary to respect the conditions described in the present Privacy Policy. Beyond this period, these data are anonymized and conserved purely for statistical purposes and will not be used for any other commercial purpose.

§3 Deletion of data
Methods of purging data have been put in place in order to remove such data once the period of conservation or archival necessary has passed. In accordance with law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 (French jurisdiction) concerning IT, files and freedoms, you have the right to request deletion of data concerning you at any time by contacting the Publisher.

Article 11

Policies regarding security flaws found by the Publisher

§1 Information for the User in case of security breach
The Publisher commits to using all technical or organisational measures at their disposal to ensure an appropriate level of security regarding risks, accidental exposure, non-authorized or illegal access, publishing, alteration loss or destruction of personal data concerning the User. In case the Publisher learns of an illegal data breach affecting data stored on their servers or those of their subcontractors concerning the User, or of non-authorized access that would present such risks, the Publisher commits to:

§2  Limitation of liability
In no terms can the commitments outlined above be taken to mean the Publisher assumes any fault or responsibility for the incident in question.

Article 12

Transfer of personal data abroad

§1 No data is transferred out of the European Union
The Publisher commits to and has taken all steps possible to prevent any personal data being transferred outside of the European Union.

Article 13

Modification of the Privacy Policy

§1 In case of major changes to the privacy policy, commitment to not substantially reduce the level of confidentiality without prior notice to anyone concerned
The Publisher commits to inform you in the event of this privacy policy being substantially modified and to not substantially reduce the level of confidentiality of your data without your prior notification adn consent.

Article 14

Applicable rights and means of dispute

§1 Arbitration clause
You accept that any potential litigation arising from this privacy policy particularly regarding its interpretation or application will be handled by means of arbitration to be decided together, the result of which you accept to be binding.

Article 15

Data export

§1 Data export
The Publisher commits to providing you with the means to recover all of your data upon request. These data will be provided in an open format that is easily reusable.