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Style Guide

das Krafter Style Guide

While I'm not a graphic designer, it's important for me to be able to communicate with graphic designers in their own language. Here I've created a very basic Style Guide for the das Krafter brand to illustrate how this could work.

By creating a Style Guide, significant time is saved since each party can focus on their core competency and not on how to present the work.

Typically such a document would contain more examples of use to better function as an actual guide, but I hope to wait for the brand to further mature before fleshing it out in this way to prevent getting artificially locked into a particular way of doing things.

For example, in practice, the secondary colour is proving much more useful than the primary due to it's higher contrast on dark backgrounds - this kind of feedback will be fed back into future iterations of the document.

View the das Krafter Style Guide

Corporate Image

das Krafter cards and stickers

Business cards and stickers (as well as a mug) were also produced to extend the corporate image.

The cards are designed to allow handwritten notes, and provide one side for personal contact details while the other side focuses on more general contact information.

The cards are printed on recycled paper in a standard size and format in monochrome tones to reinforce the sober tone defined in the style guide.


You can read about the logic behind the logo in the style guide but the primary drive was to reflect the same kind of thinking I apply when working with client projects. The design needed to be flexible enough to work on any support (large or small, print or digital, monochrome...).

das Krafter logo, text bottom das Krafter logo, text right das Krafter logo, golden ratio das Krafter logo, square

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