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Product Architect for hire

If you're a growth-stage startup, individual with a product idea or even small team in a larger company and need an experienced Product Owner / Architect who is comfortable in a wide range of working environments, get in touch!

Additive Manufacturing specialist

With nearly a decade of experience in 3D, CAD and Additive manufacturing / 3D printing thanks to roles with companies like Dassault Systèmes and Sculpteo, das Krafter can help you leverage this manufacturing technique to benefit your organization.

Cloud Native

Developing cloud based products brings with it particular challenges in terms of features, performance and delivery. das Krafter has worked in a wide range of environments deliverieng SaaS products in both B2C and B2B contexts.


Leverage a decade of experience in User Experience, Product Management, Methodologies and Protoyping

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Not just pushing pixels: receive delieverables that are polyvalent and strategically aligned with your product

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Increase your organization's autonomy with topics ranging from Product Ownership or SEO to English

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Clément Moreau, CEO, Sculpteo

Great Product Owner for our innovative SaaS. Alex managed the different challenges of the role, including refining the roadmap and working with the developers to execute the vision.

- Clément Moreau, CEO, Sculpteo
Dave Vanhove, CEO, 3iD

We've worked together for over a year on a software solution I use and I'm very happy. The proposed solutions improve my workflow and increase our profit margins on every job we do.

- Dave Vanhove, CEO, 3iD