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CAM files for tabletop RPGs

I've been working in CAD / CAM since 2010 and have dabbled in tabletop RPGs and wargames since the 90's. I make digital files that you can use to print, cut or mill cool stuff for your tabletop.


I use multiple technologies and needed a modular system that could work in them all so I open sourced a standard for it. Feel free to use it for 3D Printing, laser cutting or even traditional crafting.

Additive Manufacturing

3D Printers are fairly accessible now, I'm more a mechanical design kind of guy so don't expect to see minis but terrain pieces, gubbins and hybrid kits are definitely within my creative spectrum.

Laser Cutting

Easy to cut & assemble while still being sturdy - I love laser cut stuff for tabletop play and I hope you do too.